Our Story

Market is the former Sophia's on Market, located on restaurant row in Camp Hill, PA. Megan Seiferth, the former head pastry chef of Sophia's on Market took ownership of the café in December of 2018, and renamed it Market.
Why just Market?  Our customers were the ones who really named it! 

More to the story....

Sophia's on Market became a popular spot for locals for 13 years.  12.5 of those years, Megan was her head Pastry Chef.  After some time, Sophia opened Sophia's at Walden, and both customers and staff lovingly came up with the nicknames "Market" and "Walden" - to distinguish the two locations. 

When Megan took over the café, she really didn't want to change too much because her mentor Sophia did so well creating such a successful establishment as it already was...which is not an easy feat in the restaurant world.  However, it was time for a mini-makeover and a fresh updated look, and so Megan put her stamp on it. 

By keeping the nickname Market, Megan hope's to honor both her mentor and great friend Sophia, who has taught her so much in the past 12.5 years and is continually to do so even to this day, as well as signaling to all our loyal customers that we're still Market - "their spot" - just with a slight new twist!  Our name doesn't feel new, it feels right.  And our new decor and new menu items gives it just the mini-makeover it needed.

Market is serving Breakfast and Lunch Monday through Friday as well as Brunch on Saturdays. Mostly all of Market's offerings are still made from scratch, with fresh ingredients.  You can also still find sweets, treats and snacks of all kinds!  And don't forget!  Market is BYOB.

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We're excited to serve you, once again!  #cuatmarket